The Property Shop


The Property Shop

Real estate agent-turned-broker Tatiana Londono is risking her six-figure salary to open up her own agency. In her quest to rise to the top of the urban real estate world, Tatiana relentlessly takes on the “big boys” – the national real estate companies. Get the inside scoop as Tatiana works the deals that her new agency depends on, while managing a team of junior agents hungry to make a killing. Lauded by her peers as the “Gordon Ramsay of real estate,” Tatiana has a personality people either love or hate – or hate to love. Can this ballsy wife and mother rise to the top of the urban real estate game and have it all? Fresh, edgy, and completely addictive – just like Tatiana herself, The Property Shop is open for business.

Be sure not to miss my first episode, Episode 6 of Season 2 “Great Expectations

Tatiana sold first-time buyers Murray and Johanna a condo with a promise that it could sell for $40,000 more in a year. Now, they’re back to collect. As Tatiana struggles to live up to their expectations, first-time house hunters Wendy and Geoff turn to her to find them a bargain. Pressed for time, Tatiana assigns them to David, a new agent, and things don’t turn out quite how they expected.

In Episode 1 of Season 3, I join Tatiana’s elite condo squad in “Being a Contender

Tatiana has plans to take over the city from the ground up… literally. With the number of condos on the rise, Tatiana wants her agency to be the first choice for condo developers and buyers alike. Tatiana starts training some of her agents to be part of her “condo squad”… but she can’t prepare them for everything. While pitching for new condo projects, Tatiana receives some unexpected curveballs from developers that have her questioning her new strategy.

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Tatiana switches roles and goes from agent to buyer. Tatiana and Oren want to find an income property so they go to the best man for the job – Roberto, Tatiana’s father! Roberto has an eye for good investments but the best deals sell quickly. Can Roberto get Tatiana and Oren to agree on a property before they miss out? Is this a case of father knows best? According to David’s clients, it is. David’s new buyers Amanda and Erfan want to make an offer almost everything they see, which would be great for David except that Erfan’s father has the final say and he’s not easy to please.